Year Of Yes


It was a bit repetitive…yay! you’re awesome and you know it, cool. What else happened? …Wait are we still talking about how awesome you are?!

I wished it was more personal, there was not a lot of connection for me, which was weird because I related to so many of her feelings and struggles. I wanted more inspiration than a witty title. It seemed at times that she was trying too hard to be “cool” and sassy. Trying is never cool.

I was looking for joy, hope, and inspiration, not a ‘whoa is me’ ivy league graduate’s (a ridiculously successful one) few recollections of manning up for a year. I get it, that’s what the book is about, but what and how did the challenge inspire change on a deeper level?

Also, she hinted at certain life scenarios and didn’t expand. For example, she adopts children, but she goes to the gyno and her uterus is fine, and she’s given a thumbs up. If you’re going to talk about it. TALK about it. Like, why? Not meeting the right partner? Many of us can relate. Time ran out on the ever ticking biological clock? Nope, but many of us can relate? Didn’t want the inconvenience of physically carrying and birthing your own children, and could afford other options? I’m sure a few can relate. Why mention it without tying it into the overall scheme of things, other than, I’m a busy, but I learned as a mom you have to make time for your kids. Duh.

It felt very surface and general, which didn’t work for me. I have fears and anxieties myself, and I know how to suck it up (with shaking knees mind you) when the time calls for it. That’s adulthood. I wanted more empowerment. How was she changed after this year of focus beyond stopping herself from declining invites?

It became a bit tedious with the excessive horn tooting. I was looking for kick in the butt motivation, and what I got was a decent listen for my commute.

3 stars.


One thought on “Year Of Yes

  1. Such interesting commentary, B. I can see why you said what you did but they weren’t such problems for me. While it wasn’t a tell-all, I felt like it was such a big step for her to tell us this much so it was enough. I also find that sometimes, celebrities use their memoirs to embarrass other people in their lives. I appreciated that Shonda didn’t do that here.

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