NaBloPoMo Day 8

Getting ish done…kinda. After 4 passes, the Week 1 blog is done. It should be up in the morning. I attempted to put my drawers together, but they still look like this…

I actually got some journaling done. I’ve started to jot down a few ideas for VLOGMAS and have even come up with a tentative pre-film schedule.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get things put together, uploaded to my channel, current with the daily photo prompts, and maybe, just maybe actually get some reading done! 👍🏾 

How are you all hanging with NaNo and NoBlo??


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 8

  1. I’m only halfway through the word count I should have on NaNoWriMo now. Some of the events of the last few days just haven’t left me in a creative writing spirit but blogging every day is still going strong. But now Vlogmas too? You know I can’t leave a good challenge on the table so I’ll start thinking about that too. I might use it to focus on my winter fitness attempts.

    • At least you’re still in the game. Writing is one of those things, you can’t force it. You know what’s up, you’re a published writer!!! Woo-hoo to daily blogging!!! And yes girl, VLOGMAS!!!! It’s so much fun! I wish I had a more exciting life, because people come with some stuff! lol. I’m already making a list of ideas. Fitness focus thought the holidays sounds like something a lot more of us need to get on board with. 😉

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