Here Comes The Sun – NaBloPoMo Day 2



Here we are, day two, well into the swing of fall…what better time to share my thoughts regarding my favorite summer read (well, one of the top two).

“Secrets have a way of making themselves felt, even before you know there’s a secret.”

– Jean Ferris

So many hidden agendas…

Here Comes The Sun by by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn, is the story of the true (gritty) life behind the postcard perfect images you often see of resort destinations in Jamaica. The novel centers around Margot, her younger sister Thandi, and their mother, Delores. It’s the story of their day to day struggles and desperations, the turmoil within their family, and the threatening effects that a future hotel development has on their village. The book hit the ground running for me and never let up. Behind the beautiful and cheery cover art lines very dark struggles, so don’t let the pretty picture fool you.

There are quite a few heavy topics packed into this novel, materialism, sexual assault, sexual abuse, colorism, self loathing, homophobia, the list goes on. In hopes of not ruining the plot, I’ll just say I give this a strong 4.5 stars. I very much enjoyed the writing. From world building to character development, Dennis-Benn was on point. I only had a problem with a couple of plot points not being fully developed/closed at the end, but it they weren’t enough to deter me from loving this book.

All in all, I definitely recommend it! This was a great debut novel! In my opinion, it far out shined many summer releases that were more and tragically overhyped. I’m curious to see what the author does next.


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