All The Ugly And Wonderful Things

All The Ugly And Wonderful Things

There was a lot of ugly and not so much wonderful.

My thoughts? Train wreck central. There are a lot of triggers in this one, be warned. Disturbing subject matter is not the issue for me, I actually prefer it over the mundane.

This book is definitely a page turner! With that being said, other than the shock and awe of the inappropriate relationship, drug use, and bad/abusive parenting, there’s not much else. The majority of the  story we’re waiting for an event to occur, everything is building up to that point, and once it happens the story fell flat for me. There was a lull, too much filler, and I was bored. The plot kept moving forward at the same pace, it just wasn’t as vivid or flavorful as the rest of the book.

I would recommend it if you’re ok with tough subject matter. Though there was good character development I didn’t feel a strong connection to any of them, especially the main character, Wavy. I didn’t mind the various narrators, it definitely works in this novel.  The author gets major props for sucking me into the two main characters’ story. As conflicted as I was with their relationship, it’s beyond inappropriate and gross, I started to feel for them and their struggle (Crazy! I know). That alone helped me power through and finish the book.

The story is fascinating at first, the writing and character development wasn’t bad, nothing was horrible, so why do I feel like something is missing? I truly think it’s the last 20-30% of the story that fell short compared to the first 70-80%, and that keeps me from giving this 4 stars.

*Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest review.






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