The Heavenly Table

The Heavenly Table


YES!!! All the YES! Described as “dark and gritty,” it lived up to that expectation for me. What I wasn’t expecting was to fall as hard as I did for the characters. Good or bad, smart or dumb, kind or assh*le, I found myself rooting for just about each and every character introduced in this book. Whether cheering for justice to be served or quietly hoping the “bad” guys succeeded, I felt a strong connection in some way or another to this novel.

As I flipped the last page of the ebook, I actually said aloud, “WOW. That was f*cking good.” Rarely does this happen. Rarely do I want a movie version of a book I thoroughly enjoyed (too many risks of disappointment). But I did, and I do. And I want it now.

Why the missing .25 of a star? It took a while to pull me in. It was around the 30- 33% mark that it started to pick up for me, then it really hit the ground running at 70%. That’s a long time to wait for someone with a rather short attention span. But let me tell you, boy was it worth it! So it was slow to warm up. Metaphorically, the engine turned over for me right away, it just took a lil bit to warm up and be ready to go. Once it got going, it was all good, and now that it’s over I’m not ready for the ride to end. I don’t wanna go home yet.

Can you say, book hangover? Yep, I got one.

Anything breathtaking and new? No. Still I answer, SO GOOD. There’s great character development, excellent world building and the story was easy to get lost in. I can always tell when I’ve super enjoyed a book, because it’s so easy to write the review! I’m forcing myself to wind this one up for the sake of the readers.

This is the first thing that I’ve read by Donald Ray Pollock , but it won’t be the last, that’s for sure! Have I stumbled upon a new genre that I like? Is Southern Gothic something that I need to take a deeper look into? If it’s similar to this, I’m all for it.

-Note To Self-

  • Buy a hard copy ASAP
  • Read more stuff by this guy
  • Look into:

-Hillbilly Crime Noir

-Redneck Existentialism

Thank you Net Galley.


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