Limbo Volume 1 (Issues # 1 – 6)

Rating each issue separately the average comes out to 3.8*

So, 3.8. Let’s just round it up to a generous 4 stars. The art is beautiful, and the plot interesting. Excellent first issue. The story started off with a bang! Half dead dude. Beautiful girls. Voodoo. Bad guys. This could be VERY good, I’m in! I was hoping that issue #2 would be able to keep up with the pace, and for the most part it did.

Low and behold by issue #3 things were starting to drag a bit. The story felt like it was trapped in the swamps depicted on it’s pages, very slow moving. At this point I still liked the art and cool 80’s references, but the plot and pace of the story were definitely lacking. This is the halfway point and still nothing has been revealed. All the cool violence in the world is not enough for me if there isn’t a strong story to support it. Things were starting to feel average at this point.

Issue #4 felt like filler, beautifully  detailed art, but filler just the same. We were given a tiny morsel of plot, but still left in the dark in regard to the overall scheme of things. The violence continues, but why? There’s a lot of confusion for the story arc to be this far down the line. No major story points have been revealed. At this time I’m getting nervous, that with only two issues left, the story won’t be tied up enough for me to want to continue if they come out with a second arc.

At last, issues # 5 & #6 have given some character development, a touch of back story, and a couple of plot points. Woohoo! Too little too late? Maybe. Overall, I give it 4 stars. The art is great, the look and feel are excellent. Let’s not forget those awesome 80’s references FTW!! The story truly does have a ton of potential, it just needs stronger development, and a tad bit faster pace. Will I continue? If this series goes on, and my curiosity get the best of me, I’ll definitely be waiting for the bind up. Things got painful following issue by issue. Too many books, too little time.






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