Elfland (Aetherial Tales #1)


4 stars.

What to say?! In all honesty this was a cover buy. I came across the 3rd and final installment on Book Outlet and it was so gorgeous that I researched the series and bought all three!

The first in the series is Elfland, and it took me forever to get into the zone/a flow with this book. I think because it’s a contemporary fantasy. Seriously, it took a VERY long time for me to be able to wrap my head around that concept. Once I could cope, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Elf land is a rather complex story. The struggle of their kind on earth, versus living in their home realm. The story of two families, how they intertwine. A bit of a semi-complex love story. It all worked for me. It has the same vibe as a soap opera, but I enjoyed it, and though I took a mini break, I’m excited to start the second book next month (tomorrow).

The story does get a bit tedious at times, but if you can hang in there for the main plot point of, hopefully re-opening the gates, it’s worth it. The story does work it’s way to the main point eventually, great things happen, and we’re left wondering where they will go!

If you’re into fantasy faerie-lore, and don’t struggle with it being in a contemporary setting, I think it’s a very enjoyable book.

Sidenote – it was very fun to figure out who all the characters on the cover are by the end! 😉


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