Fat Vampire #1 – 4

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I’ve has Fat Vampire 1 for years on my Kindle app. This past October when I came to the realization that I wouldn’t make it through it, I decided to search for Halloween-ish themed ebooks that I already owned. I came across Fat Vampire and what a delightful surprise.

It’s a series of funny and lighthearted novellas! I enjoyed both the plot and the characters. After reading You, I wanted something light, but still in the vibe of the season. This was perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed and immediately purchased books 2-4.

So far, #1 is my favorite, I enjoyed the others as well, but must admit that #4 bored me. I decided to give the series a break before finishing up with #5 and #6. If you’re looking for a vampire story with a twist and enjoy rooting for the underdog, I highly recommend this quirky series. I plan to finish it in the new year.

Fat Vampire 1: Fat Vampire – 5 stars

Fat Vampire 2: Tastes Like Chicken – 4 stars

Fat Vampire 3: All You Can Eat – 4 stars

Fat Vampire 4: Harder, Better, Fatter, Stronger – 3 stars



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