Did You Ever Have A Family


Did you ever have a plot? An editor? Anything?

Long Listed for the Man Booker? I have a lot of question, none of which I think I’ll get an answer. I fell for the synopsis, way before the buzz, but put it on the back burner until it was time to vote for the Goodreads Choice Awards/ So, thank you Goodreads for helping me get this out of the way. Ugh, long drawn out, wading through misery book. I seriously di not understand the hype. It was alright, but award worthy? What am I missing?

The premise, family is hard. Love is hard. Doesn’t get any easier, but you cope and go on?? Well, if I’m going to read a depressing book that rivals my own life tragedies, make it GOOD! I felt like there was a very tasty broth, but no meat and potatoes if that makes since. Thank goodness it wasn’t that long.

2 stars. Read it, at least to see what the hype is about. I hope you enjoy it more than i did.



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