Saturday: A Return to Creativity 

So happy to have gotten an order for a costume and an opportunity to get my creative juices flowing . My morning was spent gathering materials and supplies. Then there was brunch, followed by a venture a comic store. I’m so excited to have picked up a few graphic novels that are on my tbr! They’re going to be perfect reading material for Thanksgiving weekend.

Also, I drug the bf along and he grabbed a few comics as well. I’ve fallen kind of hard for one of his choices, The Beauty. Good ish. I gobbled up #1 and #2, and can’t wait to continue the series. So good! Have you guys heard of or read this series? Super cool concept.



2 thoughts on “Saturday: A Return to Creativity 

  1. So…I’ve been meaning – for literally months now! – to ask you about that fabulous costume you have behind you in every video. And now i guess you’ve answered my question before I’ve asked it: you made it?!?!!! That red sequenced number is absolutely fabulous! What are you working on now???

    • Aww, thanks darling! A peacock showgirl costume. A costumer has a New Years costume party to attend, and I’m scrambling like mad, I leave Wednesday, and she leaves for Europe next week, so I have together it out tomorrow! Was hoping for today, but no luck.

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