Nature Break, Running??

Just gonna leave this right here…did 5.6 (run/walk) today with the pup, filmed and edited 3 videos. it’s 6pm and all I’ve had is a handful of skittles and a Punk’n ipa! Thank gawd food was just delivered, starting to get hangry! I’m slowly trying to get back on the workout wagon…I’m beat, but today was good. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nature Break, Running??

  1. I’m taking advantage of the fact that my login worked tonight. It hasn’t been. So “spamming” you with all my shelved comments! Your pup is adorable! And good for you getting back out there! Ever since NaNo started, I haven’t got off my…chair either. You’re an inspiration!

    • Aw thank you, he’s truly is my best good friend! 💖 I haven’t done anything since Friday, wanted to run today in prep for my a Turkey Trot, but not gonna happen, so wish me luck, lol! You gotta get back on it! On the flipside, the creative juices must be flowing!

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