Day 12: A First for Me!

In The Heart of the SEA

At last I’ve started my first audiobook! I’ve always wanted to read Moby Dick, and with the movie on the horizon, I’m listening to In the HEART of the SEA. Moby Dick was always recommend to me in audiobook form…and the other half’s sister who is a librarian kindly set me up with the beauty you see above. So, today I took a plunge into my first audiobook. Score! Check that one off of the list.

I’m hoping this helps to achieve my goal of becoming better at reading multiple books at once. I know that I can listen to it at 3x the speed, but it’s not working for me quite yet. :/ Is that something that comes with time? Currently I’m at 1.5x, and it’s the fasted speed that seems somewhat normal to me. Any advice? Is speed-listening a skill that comes with time? Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated.

Do you guys do the audiobook thing? If so, what are you currently listening to?


2 thoughts on “Day 12: A First for Me!

  1. I’m not very good with audiobooks either, and what I mean by that is I’m very particular about the voice reading the story, I can only listen to it at regular speed, and it HAS to be a book I’m totally into. Otherwise, I have to give up and do it the old fashioned way! Haha! Good luck with this!

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