Day 11: What was the last thing you fixed or built?

Back in September when I was coming in out of my reading slump, I discovered library sales, and was able to go to my first in October. So exciting! If you’re familiar with them then you know what that means. More books, less space. The current bookshelf in our living room is at capacity, and I wanted a shelf with more of  an organic and rustic feel for the bedroom. I put my long dormant DIY skills do the test, and voilà! I’ve still got ’em, if i do say so myself. *Toot*Toot* 😉

Check it out guys, I present, my crate bookshelf!

crates before

crates after

crates before after

It’s coming along, not exactly how I want it accessorized, but it’s well on it’s way!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.35.48 PM

I think it’s hilarious that when I was grabbing crates, brushes, drop cloth, and stain, I asked the BF if he wanted one as well, and ooooohhh, noooooo, he was fine. Now these few weeks later, guess who wants me to make another one? Yup! *insert eye roll* It might happen, as I’d like to make another for myself.

What about you guys, what’s the last think you fixed or built? Anybody out there also a DIY’er? Let me know! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 11: What was the last thing you fixed or built?

  1. B, don’t know if this will post correctly. On my phone and it’s weirdly formatting for some reason. With that said, wanted to pop in to say those crate shelve ROCK!!! You go, girl!!! 🎉

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