NaBloPoMo Day 5 – A Month of Thanks

When I first decided to sign up for this adventure, I knew that I wanted to make each Thursday a post regarding being thankful.

At this very moment I’m grateful to Pandora for playing one of my all time favorite tunes, Black Betty by Ram Jam. 🎵 Talk about theme music and getting the creative juices flowing?! Mind you, this was my anthem for a few years…I digress.

Back to being thankful. Last month before NaBloPoMo was even a thought in my foggy headspace I purchased a 5 e-book set of 1,000 prompts, and boy did that turn out to be a good move! 🙂 So, other than book reviews, Booktube videos, and flying by the seat of my pants, I’ll sprinkle in some prompts from said book.

Without further ado today’s post is brought to you by 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts.

What are you thankful for on this gratitude-rich holiday month? Create a list of at least 10 and detail how you came to be thankful of these things.

First off, can I just say how hard it is to come up with more than a few things to be grateful for when you’re down in the dumps? I know, first world problems.

  • A loving partner 💘
  • A roof over my head (and a great location) – revisit #1
  • The crazy fur kid, who helps me from collapsing into a puddling hot mess daily
  • As stated above – Pandora for knowing me so well, and on a station I’ve barely tuned/listened to (it’s the lil things)
  • Books (ALL THE BOOKS)
  • California weather (I’m originally from OH, been in Cali forever, but still appreciate a heat wave compared to a blizzard)
  • A recent new friend that gets me out of the house weekly for our walks/hikes (mother nature is indeed great therapy)
  •  Super thankful for my NaNoWriMo / NaBloPoMo  and BookTube buddy Carrie. Check out her channel.
  • It may be small, but I’m so happy that the reading slump I was in the half of the year is over!
  • And as crazy as it is, I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve been going through because I know that not only are they making me stronger, but that a break and good things are surely coming my way

*Bonus* Thankful for those of you that actually take the time to read, like, and share your thoughts with me…this has been pretty cool so far.



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