The Dinner

The Dinner

3 Stars. Have wanted to read this book for what feels like forever. I finally got my hands on a copy, struggled to get into it, and when I finished and closed the book, I thought, “what the F did I just read?” I’m still not sure how I feel about this novel. I had a really hard time getting into it, but that’s ok, some books are just slow to start, and this one was for sure. It took so long to get to the root of everyone’s problems, that by the time it did, I almost didn’t care to know anymore.

I suppose there was good character development because I detested everyone, both sets of parents, and all of their kids. These are terrible, terrible people. I liked that the narrator had a dark, slightly sarcastic wit about him, but even that couldn’t save this story for me. Once they get into it all, no one takes responsibility for anything, not their children’s actions, not their actions, not past actions that may have caused their children to come to such demise. There is only a hint of a genetic defect which the consequences might be the atrocious behavior displayed by the children. What? Like, whaaaat? Are you serious, is that all we’re getting?

The character development wasn’t bad, and the ideal of the story was great. I feel like the story wants us to have some deep and dark experience with the plot that just isn’t there. Something is missing for me, and like the cause of the incident, I can’t put my finger on it. It had a clever plot, broken into sections of aperitif, appetizer, main course, dessert, and digestif, but this gimmick couldn’t even get an extra star out of me. You know that feeling when you finally go to a restaurant that is touted as the new hot, it place, and it’s just an overhyped, overpriced mediocre dining experience? “But it could have been so good…” That’s the Dinner.


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