Food A Love Story

Oh, Jim Gaffigan, you’re one of the few comedians that can actually make me laugh, and you definitely succeeded in doing so with this book. Don’t get me wrong, I love comedy. Just not everyone can capture my attention, then to follow through with material funny enough to actually get a laugh out of me. But you nailed it. With Food A Love Story, you managed to combine my two favorite things, dry sarcastic humor, and of course, food. Well done funny man, well done.

I decided to step out of my normal reading genre with this one, and am very pleased that I did. It was refreshing to read lighthearted material, with a foodie spin. There were so many times that I actually LOL. A very rare thing for me. I did receive a complimentary copy of the  paperback edition, even with black and white photos, I was still drooling over the pictures. I must say if you’re thinking about buying this book, get the hardback, there are so many great photos, I can’t imagine how much better the experience would have been were they in color.

It got a bit long and repetitive towards the end, but the funny held on for the entirety. I’m glad I read it, and definitely recommend it, even if you have heard a few of his sketches before, it’s still very enjoyable.


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