Who Do You Love

I finished this book a few days ago, and have given myself time to truly form an opinion. I was hoping my stance would change, unfortunately, it hasn’t. This book was just OK, must admit I’m bummed as I was very excited, and received it as a gift. What went wrong for me? The main story line and first half of the book were beautiful and très romantic, but the 2nd half seemed lacking and the rushed ending left much to be desired.

Is this chick-lit? Is it YA? What is it??

If you’re going to write a story that has been told so many times (star crossed lovers), please put a quirky, fascinating, or dark spin on it. Not just a couple, each from opposite socioeconomic classes, with ups and downs, and a ton of unbelievable coincidences. Also, the split narrative between Rachael and Andy was more than a bit much. Ugh! Even though I couldn’t connect with the main characters on anything more than a surface level, I did feel bad and have compassion for each of their stories (I got misty a few times).

The end of the book was anticlimactic, rushed and predictable. People say it’s too unrealistic, but hey, it’s fiction! I just wish if it was going to be a little outlandish, that it would have been done in a more creative way.


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