The Winter Girl


Boy oh boy, what a ride! It’s definitely a dark thriller. I had no idea what I was in for, disturbing to say the least. It’s a quick read, so if you can stomach it, I’d definitely recommend it. I appreciated that it wasn’t your run of the mill attempt at a thriller. It’s rare that I’m shocked or disgusted, but bravo Matt Marinovich, you got me! You win and I love ya for it!

The characters are easy enough to dislike, though they could have been more developed. Combine a sick, twisted family, a couple at the end of their rope, sprinkle in some family secrets, and bad decisions for a well done plot that keeps a quick pace. There were times, that I cringed and uttered a few “eeew”s out loud. Even with these great ingredients, the story somehow fell a little flat for me.

It wasn’t too complex, and was the perfect length to get through lazily reading on a holiday weekend, but one could easily blow through this in a day. It’s not life changing, but I appreciate a story that gets to the point fast, and evokes a few shocked gasps from my jaded self. It’s definitely a thriller with some thrills, only question is, can you handle them?


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