The Mapmaker’s Children

A solid four stars. I’m a big fan of historical fiction and this one did not disappoint. Such a lovely and inspirational story. Be warned, it is not without heartache. Yes, tears were shed, but I was satisfied with the story once finished, which as of late I can’t say a lot. Unlike many books I’ve read lately, I felt a strong connection to not only the main characters, but their families, as well as neighbors. I was so entwined in their lives that, I didn’t mind the split narratives/time jumps between each character’s story. Normally I don’t prefer it, but in this case it worked perfectly. I found myself speed reading the chapters to find out what happened next! At times I actually felt like Sarah waiting on the slow mail from that period, and couldn’t read fast enough to get the next response or to the next plot point.

The Mapmaker’s Children is a brave, and heart felt story. I enjoyed the writing style and pace. Even once the story was finished, the author’s note on Sarah Brown’s life, her research, and artifacts that she came across during putting this novel together, had me yearning to know more.

There were moments of fear, joy, and heartbreak. Honestly, what more could you ask of a book?


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